What They’re Saying About Us


“Thanks to the mock trial exercise you put on for us, we were able to obtain a $2 million verdict in our case. We were able to turn every issue that hurt us in the mock trial into an issue that helped us in court. We would definitely have lost in court, just like in the mock trial, if we had not used your services. The defendant used every single argument that we heard in the mock trial, and seized upon every theme that the jury raised. Thank you for your invaluable assistance.

Dave Christensen, Christensen Law 

“When I spoke to the jurors after my recent $6 million verdict, they said the exact same thing as the jurors in the mock trial conducted by InFocus Research Group. InFocus was invaluable to my verdict!

— Jesse Reiter, Reiter & Walsh

“We had a case evaluation recommendation in an employment discrimination case in excess of $1 million and needed to know right away whether it should be accepted or rejected. On short notice, InFocus developed for us a mock trial/focus group protocol precisely tailored to our case and put it all together with quality jurors/participants. The process and results clearly told us we should accept the case evaluation recommendation. The thorough analysis by the InFocus professionals guided us in our future settlement discussions and trial preparations.

InFocus blew us away with its availability, creativity, thoroughness and its professional approach which proved invaluable in helping our client reach a successful outcome.”

 — Michael L. Pitt, Pitt, McGehee, Palmer & Rivers

InFocus was an absolutely essential part of trial preparation on  a case that settled for $4.8 million. The focus group not only helped to flesh out the issues and to prepare for the trial, but gave us the confidence to turn down lesser offers. I will be using InFocus for many years to come!”

— Scott Weidenfeller, The Weidenfeller Firm

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